How Wedding Photography Has Changed In The Last Decade

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It may sound unbelievable to suggest that wedding photos could have changed in the last decade especially when you consider how long photography has been around and how little it had changed in that period of time but there has been a major shift in style. The biggest changes in photography over the last hundred years have been going from black and white to colour and then from colour to digital where you could then edit the photo after it had been taken and saved. However, along then came social media and apps on phone which inadvertently has changed how people want their photos to be taken.

Instagram alone has had a huge effect on the style of photo people now want, they are looking for vintage, sepia/black and white photos rather than bold colour popping pictures. I’m sure everyone has now seen the instagram website/app where you can put any photo on there and instantly change it with their filter to give a classic look whether it’s from the 40’s or the 70’s. Other photo editing apps have come along since then with similar features and the generation that have grown up with these apps are certainly going for something different than their parents would have done.

Photoshop was the begining of a new era when it came along, as previously mentioned for the first time people could edit their photos after the event meaning that if the lighting conditions weren’t great or the colours didnt turn out as well as expected it could be altered afterwards. This again links in to the ‘instagram effect’ where photographers like at Mark Seymour Photography can add that filter to the photo afterwards if the client wishes to do so.

Finally, the other major change in wedding photography has come in the type of shots people now want taken. In the past photos all tended to be very staged, people would be lined up in size order and have the photos taken. This still does happen to a certain extent for some of the photos but photographers are now really looking to get action shots, they want to catch people in the moment whilst laughing with a relative, drinking, dancing or celebrating. The shots look much more natural and really give you more of a feel for how the event went down afterwards.

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