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The Weight Loss Wonder- Garcinia Cambogia Extract

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garcinia cambogiaIf you are overweight and are looking for means, a shortcut rather to losing those extra pounds you have around your waist, then look no for further than the Garcinia cambogia extract. The Garcinia cambogia extract is a fruit surprisingly resembles a smaller cousin of the pumpkin. This fruit is found mainly in Indonesia and has been used essentially for adding flavour to food like hot spicy curries. The extract is being hailed by doctors and researchers world over as a wonder extract which has successfully allowed people to lose weight with ease.

The plant is rich in HCA, better known to many as Hydroxycitric acid which boosts one’s serotonin levels. With more serotonin, the brain thinks that the body is getting sufficient nutrition and does not require more food. As a result the person does not eat more than required and cravings are curbed. The person also feels much happier and content. The Garcinia cambogia extract is also an effective fat blocker, which means it doesn’t allow fat to build up inside the body. So let’s take a good look at this extract, learn its benefits and side effects.

Main benefits of Garcinia cambogia extract

–         Fat gets burnt

The Garcinia cambogia extract won’t let any fat build up inside. The extract stops the production of an enzyme in the body called the citrate lyase. This enzyme converts carbohydrates into fatty cells. With lesser quantities of the enzyme, there is less fat production. As a result, the individual will be able to lose more weight.

–         Appetite suppression

Along with the burning of fat, the high levels of serotonin give the brain the feeling of wellbeing. This cuts down on eating when sad or eating when bored. This way one eats food as and when required. The body feels happy and this shows in the person’s temperament. This way one eats in the right quantities. Overeaters will find this property of the appetite suppresser pretty useful in losing weight.

–          Good metabolism

The Garcinia cambogia extract is a supplement which processes fat. In simple words it will not spare any carbohydrates. The glycogen produced will metabolize while working out and this happens in every 3-4 hours. The body has a lot of energy in the keeps, ready to be spent on other vigorous activities. The individual will therefore be able to withstand more stress and this allows the body to lose weight with time.

–          Gives one more energy

The Garcinia cambogia extract boosts the serotonin levels and improves one’s mood. It doesn’t allow one to eat when emotional and promotes an overall felling of wellness. This way the person stays active and happier.

–          Improves disease fighting ability

The Garcinia cambogia extract gives the body a fighting chance against diseases and improves the body’s immunity on the whole. The extract can fight the flu, colic and other bowel related problems. The Garcinia cambogia extract can cleanse the glucose in the body and manage its levels efficiently.

–          Improves good cholesterol

Scientists have shown that an intake of the v will reduce cholesterol which is bad for and will promote the presence of good cholesterol in the body. With HCA, the body will convert glucose into glycogen and will not produce fat instead. This way the triglycerides in the body aren’t produced and the count of the same takes a dip.

The above benefits speak volumes about the Garcinia cambogia extract and how useful it is.

Are there any noticeable side –effects?

Many people who have given the Garcinia cambogia extract a shot have complained about sleeplessness and more bowel movements. Some have even stated that the Garcinia cambogia extract gives them nausea. However many doctors and scientists are baffled because they can’t really link the Garcinia cambogia extract to these symptoms.

Who shouldn’t take this extract?

Doctors say that pregnant women, nursing moms and diabetic patients shouldn’t use the Garcinia cambogia extract for reducing weight. This is just a precaution given the fact that there could be side-effects.

The Garcinia cambogia extract as of now can live its reputation as the wonder supplement which has really helped many people’s lives. The supplement’s future is still under the scrutiny because of the side-effects but till then it is one’s personal choice to use this as a way to lose the kilos. The Garcinia cambogia extract shows best results when one eats right and exercises on a regular basis. People have reportedly lost an average of 10-12 pounds on 30 days which are surreal results by the looks of. One must make sure that they purchase this product form the right store/ person as there are many scams alive in the market. People are willing to make other’s fool to earn their bread. Such is the sad state of affairs.

Coming back to the Garcinia cambogia extract, there is no doubt if the natural extract is consumed one will enjoy good results. The supplement must be taken 30 minutes to an hour before each meal in s less than 1500mg dose. Before taking such a supplement, it is best to speak to your doctor about the same for he will advise you best.

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