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Writing The Old Fashioned Way Has Not Gone Out Of Style

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Most writers today spend a lot of productive time working on a word processor on a computer. It has its advantages in being able to organize writings into folders, use spell and grammar checks, and being fast and efficient. Even with all the advantages that computers offer, writing the old fashioned way with pen and paper has not gone out of style and indeed can be the best way to start a project or get ideas down on paper.

Different Methods Engage Different Areas Of The Brain

Ask anyone who writes regularly if they notice a difference in the way thoughts come to them when they record them in different ways and you will more than likely get a resounding yes as an answer. When you sit down to type at a typewriter, your fingers are tuned into the position they have to be in to make words appear on the screen. The part of your brain that is working involves the motor skills that make it happen efficiently and that is the area of the brain that the majority of your thoughts will be originating out of when you are writing in this way. Consequently you may find that writing technical or production pieces can be done very effectively by using your computer as your writing instrument in this scenario. 

When you are looking to write more creative pieces it can be a big advantage to use a pen or pencil and some paper to get creativity flowing and to capture the budding ideas that will best be reflected in a creative piece. Using your hand to form letters as opposed to pushing buttons on a keyboard requires a different part of the brain to engage and the sensory experiences that are involved in writing on paper can encourage thoughts to come from different angles. Not only do you have a different way of recording thoughts, you have the texture of the paper, the color and smell of the ink, the sound that the pen or pencil makes as it makes it’s marks on the surface of the paper that can all contribute to the writing experience.

Why Should You Use A High Quality Pen

You have the ability to write whenever thoughts come to you no matter where you are and even if you write them on the back of a receipt or other scrap of paper, they are there for you to later expound on. Of course always having a pen and maybe even some paper or a journal on hand is ideal for this kind of writing and can be the birthplace of some amazing written pieces. 

You don’t have to be searching for the perfect item for your own hand written projects in order to see the value in a high-quality pen, however. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the writer in your life, these are the luxury items that will definitely make an impression on them and show them just how much you care. Whether it is a teenager who is starting to collect their thoughts in a private diary or a budding novelist who could definitely use the support of friends and family in order to make their dreams come true, giving them a gift like this is something that they are sure to cherish for years to come as they put their thoughts down on paper.


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